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Carla guides group workshops and events that revolve around healing and preparation. She utilises her holistic skills in birth & postpartum preparation, and in workshop facilitation, to bring you some unique and potent offerings.

Are you pregnant and eager to be guided to do the inner work required of you in preparation for the birth & postpartum you and your baby deserve? Regardless of whether this is your first baby or your tenth, Carla's online Soulful Birth - holistic birth & postpartum preparation course is for you.

Or maybe you are a mum, perhaps to little ones or perhaps to grown adults with children of their own, and you are ready to heal from the various ways we are neglected or wounded as mothers? Carla will gently guide you to come back to yourself, to honour your needs, and to revel in your wholeness once again, through use of breathwork, connection and other healing modalities in her in-person workshops.

Different events on offer...

Healing as Mothers
through breathwork & connection

Taking place in Carla's home in Tauranga every second Sunday, 2 - 5pm. Connect with a small group of other women, and find healing through a guided 1 hour breathwork session, and sharing circle. No previous breathwork experience necessary.

Soulful Birth
holistic birth & postpartum preparation

This online pregnancy circle is designed to prepare your body, mind & heart for the birth & postpartum that you & your family deserve. There is an ongoing rotation of 7 different themes that are shared on a live Zoom call each week (Wednesday 6.30-8pm NZST) with recordings available for those who can't make the live.

Healing as Mothers
full day workshops

As mothers in a culture that undervalues our worth, many of us are left depleted, lacking in self confidence, giving too much & struggling to receive, tired, and sometimes lonely. These full day workshops are designed to pave the way back to a whole & fulfilled YOU 💜

Birth Support Workshop
for you & your partner, or birth support team

These in-person workshops are for you and your partner &/or other birth support people to attend together. Carla shares her wisdom around the important concepts that birth support people need to get on board with in order to support you to give birth the way your body is so beautifully designed to do. Discussion, theory & practical tools included.

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