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Carla has a brilliant service for women and their partners who have experienced birth trauma.


She has the skills, expertise and passion to deliver an outstanding support service to help people

recover from their negative experiences and give them
a renewed quality of life.

Personal Support Options

The value of being able to talk with someone who understands what you have been through, and knows how important your birth experience is to your sense of wellbeing, cannot be underestimated. The healing process begins with being listened to by a compassionate person, someone who validates your thoughts and feelings surrounding your birth.


Following a traumatic birth, women are frequently fed the undermining line that, "A healthy baby is all that matters." As your Healing Birth guide, I acknowledge that the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of parents is incredibly important, too. I’m here to help you process what happened, and to assist you with finding ways to move forwards positively.

For all personal support sessions, I will come to work with you in your home if you live within 20 mins of Tauranga. Outside of this, you can either come to my home in Otumoetai, or have your session via Zoom, or I may be able to arrange to come to you (additional travel expenses will apply). Partners are welcome to attend these sessions at no extra charge. If you are unsure whether or not to have your partner present, please discuss this with me.

If you read through the options below and still have questions or are unsure about making the booking, let's get on a free clarity call together.


Pre-recorded 'Unravelling Your Trauma' course

Planning Your Healing Birth

Through Breathwork

Unravelling & Planning Combo

Easing the
Passage to Parenthood

Virtual Doula Package


Healing After Loss


*All prices are in NZD. A $100 deposit is required on booking to secure your slot with me. Please give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a booking. Payment plans are an option - so long as a weekly automatic payment is made until the full investment is completed, you can choose the weekly amount.

Plan Healing
Pan Wraparound

Unravelling Your Trauma

This 2 - 3 hour session (usually around 2.5 hours) is a vital first step on your pathway to healing. I'll help you to make better sense of what happened and why. We'll discuss tools that will assist you in healing, and I'll support you to remove any residual guilt you may be harbouring with regards to how you brought your baby into the world, including any struggles you may have had, or still have, around bonding with your baby. You'll leave this session feeling empowered with new-found knowledge and insights, and full of hope for a more peaceful journey as you seek to resolve your trauma. You will be sent a follow-up email within 48 hours which covers the key healing steps and links to any resources that we discussed.

For further support, you can opt to additionally invest $150 for the 'Beyond Unravelling Your Trauma' package. This entitles you to another 1 hour follow-up session six weeks later, and I will also be available to you via phone or email as needed during those six weeks.

Investment: $280*

Planning Your Healing Birth

This 2 -3 hour session (usually around 2.5 hours) is available to those who have had an 'Unravelling Your Trauma' session with me, or have done the 'Unravelling Your Trauma' pre-recorded course. We will address the fears that are clouding your vision of what this next birth can be for you, and explore what steps need to be taken to set you up for your best chance at the healing, positive and empowering birth experience that you deserve. You will be sent a follow-up email within 48 hours which covers the key healing steps and links to any resources that we discussed.

For further support with your healing birth preparation and postnatal guidance, you can opt to invest an additional $280 to receive the 'Planning Your Healing Birth Wraparound' package. This entitles you to a second 1 hour session together later in your pregnancy (it is completely up to you as to when you would like this session booked in). I will be available to you via phone or email as additional support throughout your pregnancy. As well, we will arrange a post-birth session for you to share with me whatever is on your heart, allowing space to ask questions, and to celebrate, grieve or otherwise express whatever you are holding.

Investment: $280*

Unravelling & Planning Combo

This is what you're going to want to invest in if you are pregnant and wanting both to work through your past traumatic birth, and plan for a positive and healing next birth. We will book you in for two separate sessions, an 'Unravelling Your Trauma' session and a 'Planning Your Healing Birth' session (scroll up to read more about what each of these sessions entails). This will allow us to dive deep, and give space and time for you to integrate the learnings and practice some tools from our first session, before we meet for our second. 

Investment: $520*

Virtual Doula Package

When you and I live distantly and physical connection is impossible, the 'Virtual Doula Package' is the ideal solution for working through past trauma, planning for a healing, positive and empowering next birth, navigating any tricky birth psychology together, and exploring what comes up for you postnatally. This is the ultimate online doula care package, where I will virtually stand with you as you walk your Healing Birth journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Your doula care includes...

  • 3-4 pregnancy sessions via Zoom, one of which will mimic the ‘Unravelling Your Trauma’ support option listed above (for those who have had a traumatic birth previously) and one that will mimic the ‘Planning Your Healing Birth’ one. Scroll up to read more about those. Amongst other things, we will discuss birthing physiology and how to support the natural birth process, we'll talk through rights and responsibilities, and we'll delve into the ways you can tap into your innate birthing and mothering wisdom and grow to trust in yourself as the ultimate authority over your birth and motherhood experience. Partners and/or birth companions are welcome to participate in any Zoom calls that you would like them to be present at.

  • Guiding you in developing your birth and postnatal care plans

  • I will send you a copy of my book, Where the Heart Is: Stories of home birth in New Zealand

  • I will be on call for you via phone or Zoom from 2 weeks before your due date, and will be available via phone, text or email to discuss any matters that may arise during your pregnancy

  • I will be available via phone or Zoom as needed from the commencement of your labour until your baby is born. If you are needing reassurance, support or suggestions before your midwife is able to be contacted, I'm there for you. Or if, during labour, you are wanting me to hear you, witness you or guide you, I can offer that in a virtual (phone or Zoom) sense.

  • After your birth, a postnatal Zoom session, providing an opportunity for us to discuss your birth and your feelings about it.

Investment: $1200*

Pre-recorded 'Unravelling Your Trauma' Course

AVAILABLE NOW - click button on right to purchase the course

This course will provide you with the information and tools necessary to begin your healing journey. Through the use of a printable workbook (this is included in the course), you will be invited to reflect on and write about your responses to questions which Carla poses throughout more than 6.5 hours of video lessons. As you do the work, you will begin to unravel the knot of fears, doubts and unknowns that you hold onto around your birth, and you will gain insights into the reasons why your birth trauma was not your fault, and why you may be feeling the ways that you do towards yourself, your birthing body, your baby and your partner.

Investment: $80 NZD (4 month payment plan available)

Healing Through Breathwork

I have trained in and regularly practice Rebirthing Breathwork and see it as a very powerful, though very gentle, somatic tool for tapping into the self-healing that is available to you. This 2 hour session with me will involve an initial talk about the intentions you would like to bring to your breathwork, followed by 1 hour of a specific style of guided breathing and then an opportunity to share any insights or experiences that came through for you. These sessions are done in person, either at my home in Tauranga, or your home (travel expenses may apply if you live more than 20 mins drive from Tauranga).

Investment: single session $140; 3 sessions $360; 10 sessions $890*

Easing the Passage to Parenthood

Has the transition to parenthood been a particular struggle for you? The journey from your pre-parenthood life to the realities of ‘life with kids’ is often hugely overwhelming, even under the best of circumstances. But throw a traumatic birth into the mix along with the bonding, breastfeeding, relationship, self-image, self-esteem, physical, mental and emotional issues that frequently ensue, and you may well be feeling utterly lost. I will help guide you in this transition, supporting you to reflect on what your needs are in this new role and offering tools to gently assist you in having those needs met. This 2 hour session will require some pre-session ‘homework’ on your part by way of answering an in-depth questionnaire for me, as this will ensure we get the most for you out of our time together.

Investment: $330*

Healing After Loss

The loss of your baby, no matter their age, and no matter the circumstances surrounding their death, is a heart breaking ordeal. I am here to listen and to offer gentle, loving support, as you navigate your way through your grief and pain. Please reach out if you are needing some guidance at this time. We can work together without time constraints, though I suggest we allow around 2 hours for the session.

Investment: $90/hour*

*All prices are in NZD. Please give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a booking. Payment plans are an option - so long as a weekly automatic payment is made until the full investment is completed, you can choose the weekly amount.

Passage to Parenthood
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