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"Carla has the skills, expertise and passion to deliver outstanding birth trauma support and education services. Her work is potent and transformative, both for those seeking to heal, and for those seeking to become birth healers."

Did you experience powerlessness, fear, loss of control or abandonment as part of your birth experience? Are you struggling with anxiety, anger, grief, post-traumatic stress, bonding issues, guilt or low self-esteem that you would like support to heal from?

Or maybe you are interested in learning more about the art and science of effective birth trauma support?

Either way, let Carla be your heart-fuelled guide...

with Carla

Working with Carla is an assured way to discover the support and guidance you deserve. Find out which Healing Birth service will best help you to unravel your trauma and transform your life.

Training with Carla

Do you want to help others who have experienced birth trauma? Does Carla's work feel aligned with what you're seeking to do? Check out Carla's free and paid courses to find out how you can become a certified Healing Birth practitioner.

Carla is New Zealand’s leading authority on birth trauma. Her background in midwifery & her many years of experience in helping people heal from their birth trauma, combines to offer you reliable, compassionate and trusted support.

Working with her will enable the healing you deserve, leading to holistic wellbeing, mended family relationships, a positive outlook for future birthing, and freedom from the guilt and shame that have unfairly held you captive.


Based in Tauranga, Carla will either work with you in your home or via Zoom, gently guiding your healing journey no matter where in the world you are situated.

Your birth trauma is real, it is valid and it deserves to be healed. You are worthy of support. Connect with Carla today - together you will unravel your trauma and transform your life.

Find out why Carla is the person you will want to work with when it comes to healing your trauma and planning for a positive next birth.


Her knowledge and expertise in this field, coupled with her compassionate, gentle nature will ensure you feel safely held to work through your trauma.

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