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Carla offers a unique style of pregnancy education and support, helping women and their partners to holistically prepare for the profoundly impactful initiation that is birth and new parenthood

Birth & Postpartum Preparation

Although Carla's own three births were all beautiful and empowering experiences, she became all too aware that many other families were being denied the opportunity to birth their babies, their way... and that trauma was often a consequence of the system seeking to control birth, and to mechanise the innately spiritual experience of it. Standard antenatal education didn't seem to help people to prepare for birth and postpartum life in the holistic ways they needed. So Carla decided to offer her own style of 'antenatal education'... a holistic approach to supporting women to prepare their mind, body and heart for the birth and postpartum experiences they are seeking. That is what Soulful Birth is all about.


Soulful Birth is for anyone who is pregnant and is wanting to prepare for a positive and empowering birth and postpartum experience. This is ideal for first time parents, as well as for those who have felt let down or traumatised by a previous birth. Carla describes her approach to guiding birth preparation as one of unlearning and remembering. She utilises her deep understanding of innate birthing wisdom and physiology, and the ways that various aspects of our current overly-medicalised birth culture have divorced us from the start to Motherhood that we deserve, to help you assume full guardianship of your experience.


There are two main Soulful Birth pathways to journey with Carla... an online group course or a personalised 1:1 programme. If you click on the links further down to read about each option and you are still unsure which is the best pathway for you, let's book a free clarity call to discuss where you're at and what you're seeking. To book a Zoom call (preferred if outside of NZ) click 'Book Zoom'. Or to book a phone call, click 'Book Phone'

Soulful Birth
online group course

This is an online pregnancy circle, designed to guide parents towards a positive and empowering birth and postpartum experience. There are 'rounds' of 8 weeks of themed lessons held online via Zoom (recordings are made available), where Carla shares knowledge, tools and resources, and invites participant input & questions.

Soulful Birth
personalised support

A uniquely curated series of video calls, helping you to explore your beliefs, fears and hopes surrounding your upcoming transition into Motherhood. Carla will guide you on the path of self discovery, encouraging you to do the vital self work of pregnancy by way of these 1:1 discussions, as well as providing a gorgeous, carefully crafted pregnancy journal and guided meditation recordings.
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