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Planning Your Healing Birth

After a traumatic birth experience, the thought of giving birth again can feel incredibly overwhelming, if not terrifying. This is completely understandable, especially given the birth culture we are currently exposed to which often leads us to believe that our birthing bodies are flawed and that a positive and empowering birth is for a select, lucky few. I have worked with hundreds of traumatised mothers, helping to reveal the true causes of their traumatic births and shining light on their own potential to have a wonderful and healing next birth. Many of the women I have worked with have gone on to do just that!

Planning Your Healing Birth is for anyone who is pregnant and has had a previous birth that left them feeling traumatised or regretful, or any other sense of grief and negativity surrounding their experience. It's for those who want guidance around how to prepare as best they can for a positive and empowering next birth.

Please note that you are required to have had an Unravelling Your Trauma session with me prior to booking a Planning Your Healing Birth session. Unpacking your last birth and working through some information and tools to support your healing process is necessary before you are ready and equipped to plan for this next birth.

I have also developed other options for people who are wanting holistic birth preparation guidance, including for people who are pregnant for the first time. There is my 8 week online Soulful Birth course which you can read more about here. And there is a 1:1 version of this course, called Soulful Birth For You, which offers bespoke options designed to do a deep dive to meet your specific needs (information will be shared on my website by the end of February 2024). Both of the Soulful Birth options go into greater depth about how to do 'the work' to set yourself up for a healing birth than a Planning Your Healing Birth session will allow. If you decide you want to invest in one of the Soulful Birth For You options after having a Planning Your Healing Birth session, we will deduct the cost of this session from your Soulful Birth For You investment.

What does a Planning Your Healing Birth session entail?

This personalised 3 hour Zoom session with me will preferably take place when you have support with your little one(s). This enables you to make the most of this session and focus on meeting your specific needs. Partners are welcome, and very much encouraged, to participate in this session though it is certainly not a necessity to have them present. During our session we will discuss some or all of the following:

  • How you have been since our Unravelling Your Trauma session and anything you'd like to share about tools you have tried

  • Your fears and your hopes surrounding this next birth

  • Where to birth and who to have present

  • Birthing physiology and how to support it (including what your partner & birth team can do)

  • Common interventions and reasons you may want to avoid them

  • Coping with pain in labour

  • Your rights and responsibilities

  • Making birth plans

  • Plans for baby's sibling(s) during the birth

  • Planning for a positive postpartum experience

  • Tools and resources that may support your preparation

  • I will send you a follow-up email within 48 hours of our session which will cover all the key takeaways and any tools or resource links that we discussed.

Investment & Booking

A Planning Your Healing Birth session is $280 nzd. If you've already had an Unravelling Your Trauma session with me, go ahead and choose one of the options below to be taken to the booking calendar. If you're ready to pay the full investment on booking, click 'Book Fully'. If you'd like to pay the investment off over 3 months, click 'Book Plan'.​ Or, if you are yet to have an Unravelling Your Trauma session with me, your best option is the Unravelling & Planning Combo. Click here for details.

What Others Have to Say...

"I can't thank you enough for your dedication to this work, it is so healing and transformative and empowering and I describe it as life changing.  I truly feel like working with you has positively impacted the trajectory of my life.  I'm tired, but I'm so optimistic that I'm on the right track... I don't feel fragile or scared anymore.  I feel so confident I've got tools and strategies to work through so many aspects of my life and I'm excited to see where all this work might take me both in the immediate future and down the track. What you do is so important and special and I will be forever grateful that I got the opportunity to connect with you. Thank you Carla xx ps: I will email you an update when baby arrives - she will be with us in about 6 weeks!"

"The birth was sooo incredibly fast from start to finish - but the most incredible, indescribable, empowering, healing experience I could have asked for. I feel so proud of my body and my baby. Thank you so so so much for everything Carla"

"I felt such a flood of release and validation while talking to you. Not too long after our talk the PTSD symptoms started to subside. I can now talk with other women about my experience and listen to theirs without feeling like I'm going to pass out. I wanted to thank you for the service you are providing for so many of us and how that 3 hours with you has redeemed my birthing experience and restored trust in myself and what God created my body to do."

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