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Unravelling Your Trauma

If you are still feeling stuck with negative feelings and experiences surrounding your birth or mothering experience, working to unravel your trauma is an important first step on your path to wholeness and peace. 

Perhaps you feel upset, angry or let down by the way you were treated by your support team, or that you were 'dealt a bad hand' with regards to your birth experience. Maybe you feel guilt or shame surrounding choices you made; perhaps you believe you weren't strong enough, or should have advocated more; possibly you feel like a failure for not being able to birth the way you imagined, or for struggling to bond with your baby, or for being unable to breastfeed; more than likely you battle anxiety on the daily and are full of self doubt... 

Whatever your unhealed trauma 'looks like' please know that it is valid and you deserve this support to find some healing for yourself. Maybe your partner is struggling with the fall out from the traumatic birth, too. They are welcome to join us for this session if you and they are both comfortable with that decision.

What does Unravelling Your Trauma with me involve?

Currently this is solely a 1:1 session with me or a self-paced pre-recorded programme for you to follow. Click here to access details about the self-paced course.


In the near future, I am looking to start an online group course (updates will be made to this website as this service is added, but to be kept in the loop, subscribe to my email list here).​

A 1:1 session with me is a 3-hour long Zoom call which involves...

  • me introducing myself and my work to you and answering any questions before we begin

  • you sharing your story with me

  • unpacking your story together - helping you to gain clarity around why perhaps things went the way the did and why you have been left feeling the way you do

  • offering you a different perspective on any sense of failure or self doubt you might be holding onto

  • sharing tools and resources with you for your ongoing processing and healing journey after our session ends

  • discussion of what a future birth could look like for you

I realise that 3 hours is a long time to be doing this vulnerable work. Over the decade of time that I have been serving families with these Unravelling Your Trauma sessions, I have learnt that one lengthy session is what enables the most safe and effective experience for my clients. The last thing I would want is for you to feel cut off because,"sorry, but your hour is up" and leaving you feeling fractured or directionless. I send you a follow up email within 48 hours of our session which covers the key takeaways and any of the tools and resources that were discussed.

If you're feeling ready to invest in your wellbeing and honour your worthiness for support and healing here's the next steps to take...

The financial investment for this session with me is $280 NZD. If you are keen to pay that in a lump sum at the time of booking, tap the button below, titled 'Book Fully'. If paying the investment off over 3 months, tap the 'Book Plan' button. Please note: If you are pregnant again and likely to want a Planning Your Healing Birth session with me, you might prefer to take advantage of the discounted option of booking the Unravelling & Planning Combo. Click here to read more.

What Others Have to Say...

"Just wanted to give you an update on my healing! Your session was/is still a huge help to me, I’m continuing to slowly work through the activities you gave us but I feel a huge weight lifted and am able to think about my birth without crying and letting my mind wonder to unhelpful places." 

"I got so much from our session, and I still have work to do on my journey, but hands down want to tell you that it has been a phenomenal turning point for me.  Since speaking with you I have not had a wave of anxiety at all, and that has been life changing as somedays it wouldn't go until I fell asleep."


"I've been thinking about what may have been the reason for this and I think it was the understanding that you gave me and how you explained trauma. I totally acknowledge that this is only part of my healing journey, and I still have work to do, but I just wanted to say thank you for being the instigator of that change in my life - I am beyond thankful. Thank you for this being your life's purpose... so blessed to have received this from you."

"Thank you so much, it was really great to meet you and work with you, I already feel it has helped immensely and can only imagine it will help more as I and we work through the homework and put plans into action for the suggestions you made. Down the track when we do get pregnant with number 2 (hopefully) I will definitely get in touch as I think it would be really beneficial before giving birth again."

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