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Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship


Join Carla's incredible team of certified Healing Birth practitioners.

Your Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship programme will support you to develop the necessary skill set to competently and confidently guide people through the process of healing after a traumatic birth.

An expert in her field, Carla combines her midwifery and education knowledge, alongside her decade-long experience in traumatic birth healing, to teach you the art and science of effective birth trauma support.

Her Healing Birth Practitioner Training programme is designed to set you up to be able to offer the same brilliant care that she has given the hundreds of families who have sought her support. There is nothing that Carla does in her Healing Birth work that she won't share with you in this course... Carla wants to see you soar in this important work!

This intensive 10 week programme includes

  • 23 hours of lesson content covering the topics listed below

  • 13 interactive Zoom sessions with Carla & other trainees - recordings available

  • a gorgeous printable workbook 

  • access to all of Carla's unique tools, practitioner resources & templates, Healing Birth work structure and processes

  • a recording of Carla holding an Unravelling Your Trauma session with a client

  • a copy of Carla's book, Where the Heart Is: Stories of home birth in New Zealand

  • private community membership to discuss, collaborate, share ideas, ask questions and support one another

  • a certificate of course completion

  • a digital 'Certified Healing Birth Practitioner' badge to use on your website, brochures and on social media

  • your name, credentials and contact details will be listed under 'Our Team - Certified Healing Birth Practitioners' on Carla's website


Investment is: $2499 - a 5 month payment plan is available

This training is for you if...

  • you have never done any prior birth work training but you are fast realising that you have a passion for learning all about it! If you do already have some training under your belt, you're going to want to head to the Healing Birth Practitioner Training page.

  • you have an open mind, an open heart and are holistically minded when it comes to all aspects of health & wellbeing

  • you are open to exploring your own biases, traumas, judgments & beliefs

  • you are all about supporting our Sisterhood... lifting each other up at every opportunity

2023 Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship course dates

1 February - 11 April

27 May - 15 August (2 week break in middle)

14 October - 19 December

Topics covered include

  • Trauma informed care & healing our own trauma

  • Space holding & the art of listening

  • Baby loss

  • Inclusive care & cultural considerations

  • Birthing physiology

  • Impacts of common interventions

  • Tools for healing & processing

  • How to run a Healing Birth session

  • Planning for a healing birth & postpartum

  • Rights & responsibilities, complaints & feedback

Plus additional lessons in weeks 2,3 & 4 covering...​

  • Standard Western pregnancy, labour & postpartum 'care'

  • The herstory of birthing & power dynamics in the birth space

  • Extra birthing physiology & breastfeeding basics

Course Structure

  • Completing Carla's Understanding Birth Trauma Basics course is a pre-requisite to doing your Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship programme. Carla will give you free access to this training once you have registered.

  • Once registered, you will have access to all the pre-recorded lesson content & the interactive Zoom links. Interactive Zooms take place on Thursday 7.30 - 9pm NZT each week, plus Tuesday 7.30 - 9pm NZT during weeks 5 & 7. You need to have watched the weekly lesson(s) before Tuesday/Thursday & answered the relevant workbook questions, so you are ready to join in the discussions, contributing your ideas & questions - the interactive Zooms are always rich & awesome!

  • You are required to attend a minimum of 50% of the live Zoom calls (exceptions may be possible - discuss with Carla), and to watch the recording of any missed Zooms

  • Most weeks you will have a homework task to complete. You need to allow around an hour per week for homework. So all up, each week is between 4 - 5.5 hours worth of training

  • Near the end of your training, Carla will help set you up to do two practice client sessions. For the first one, she will have a half hour Zoom call with you prior, to help you prepare and feel confident, and then an hour long Zoom call afterwards, to discuss how things went for you

  • Boom! Once you have completed the homework & attended/watched all of the Zooms & recordings, you officially become a certified Healing Birth practitioner - WHOOP!!!

Answering some FAQs

I'm still recovering from my own experience of birth trauma. Is this course appropriate for me?

A lot of people want to do this training because they have experienced birth trauma themselves and wish there had been better support available to them. They want to become that support for others. On the course we talk about the importance of healing our own birth trauma and working through our own biases in order to be able to be fully present with our clients as they work through their trauma. Although we learn self care strategies and tools for healing during the course, Carla highly recommends having an 'Unravelling Your Trauma' session with her, or another Healing Birth practitioner, before you commence doing this course. This is particularly important if you don't have excellent support systems in place already. As a Healing Birth practitioner trainee, you receive a 25% discount when you book a 1:1 session with Carla. Ask her for the discount code xx

What if I fall behind with the Zoom recordings and homework tasks?

Attending or watching all the recorded lessons and interactive Zooms is a course requirement, as is completing and handing in all the homework tasks. If these are not completed within 3 months of the course end date, you will not have met the criteria for certification. This means that you will not receive a certificate of course completion, nor be given a digital 'certified Healing Birth practitioner' badge, nor be added to Carla's website list of Certified Healing Birth Practitioners. Exceptions may be made in discussion with Carla when extenuating circumstances apply, but this will need to be raised with her before the end of the course.

Do we learn what to do if a client comes to us whose support needs are beyond our scope of practice?

In her practice Carla has found that typically people won’t reach out to her in this role (birth trauma healing) if their situation is ‘beyond her scope’ ie. they don’t expect ‘that’ sort of support from her given that they are made well aware of the limitations of her expertise before working together (Carla covers this in the course programme). However, there have been many times where she has suggested that additional support for PTSD is likely a good idea. Carla talks about this with you on the course, including what to do if a client is suicidal. 

I live outside of New Zealand. Can I still do the course? Will my different time zone be problematic?

If you're in Australia, then no, there shouldn't be any issues. If you live in a completely different time zone, where the weekly interactive Zoom calls (Thursday 7.30pm NZST) clash for you, send Carla a message and we'll find a way for you to do the training. Carla is really eager to make this work globally accessible! 

What are my payment options?

Payment is via Stripe and is made upon registering for the course. The full investment is $2499, though you are able to pay via a payment plan of 5 monthly $499.80 payments.

Are there any scholarships available for this course?

Yes, there is one fully paid scholarship for each round of the course. The scholarship is for someone who knows the importance of having this skillset in the work that they do (or intend to do) with women and new families, and who does not have the financial means, or ability to save, to otherwise do this training. Scholarship applicants must be able to commit to completing all the certification requirements. Please contact Carla to request more information.

Ready to deep dive?!  Or, still have questions?

This course was incredible - honestly it exceeded my expectations and I was sad when it fi
The Healing Birth Practitioner Training course has been amazing. I feel so full of knowled
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