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Unravelling & Planning Combo

The Unravelling & Planning Combo is an economical option for those who are needing to both work through a traumatic or upsetting past birth experience, and have some guidance to set themselves up for a positive and empowering next birth. 

The first session is an Unravelling Your Trauma session which involves you sharing your story with me and I help you to unpack your story, often offering a new lens through which to view the events of your birth and the fall-out you've experienced from it. I will also share tools for you to use that will help you to continue to process and heal after the session is over. Click here for more details about the Unravelling session.

The second session is a Planning Your Healing Birth session. This involves a discussion about ways to set yourself up to have the healing birth experience that you're seeking. Click here for more details about what a Planning session entails.

After each session I will send you a follow up email within 48 hours which will cover the key takeaways, including tools and resource links.

Investment & Booking

You will need to book two 3-hour Zoom calls with me (preferably with at least 3 weeks between them). Hopefully you are able to have help with your little one(s) during your sessions so that you are able to fully focus on your own needs. The sessions are designed for you to both work through your trauma, and be guided to consider, process and plan for the things that will support you to have a positive next birth. Partners are welcome to attend one or both of these sessions. I am particularly encouraging of partners attending the Planning session where possible, though this is certainly not a requirement. 

Investment is $520 nzd in total. To make your bookings and pay in full, click the 'Book Fully' button. Or to make your bookings and pay the investment off over 3 months, click the 'Book Plan' button.

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