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Healing Birth Carla

"This course deeply supported my own healing journey, alongside giving me the confidence, knowledge and skills to hold space for others to walk this path. I connected with a powerhouse group of soulful women, was seen/heard/validated in my experience and expression, and finished the course absolutely LIT UP by this revolutionary birth work."
Bella - certified Healing Birth Practitioner

Are you a birth healer at heart? Someone who aspires to do all you can to address the needless trauma that so many new families are devastatingly impacted by?

Maybe you are already a birth worker and you feel helpless to know how to serve your clients better when it comes to birth trauma prevention and guiding the healing process after a traumatic birth has occurred?

Maybe you are a mama who experienced birth trauma yourself, and your own journey has fuelled a fire within to bring about change and healing so that your own children don't have to travel this path?

Maybe you already work in the healing field... you're a counsellor, a social worker, a psychologist, a medicine woman... and you want to develop your skills in the field of birth trauma support because it's a specialised field and so many wounded mama are seeking your help?

I have people from all walks of life train with me. The one thing we all have in common... we know that healing Earth begins with Healing Birth.

Different ways to train with Carla...

Free Content via YouTube

For those who are interested in understanding more about the causes and impacts of birth trauma, and how this translates to supporting people to heal after a traumatic birth (or prevent it from happening in the first place),Carla makes regular posts on the @healingbirth YouTube channel. Click the link below to access it and please consider subscribing.

Healing Birth Practitioner

No prior background in birth work, but you feel drawn to become a certified Healing Birth practitioner? Receive extra guidance and practice, as you work through the deep dive, 10 weeks long Healing Birth Practitioner Training programme. You'll feel confident to do Healing Birth work by the end of this course.

Healing Birth Practitioner Training

Develop the necessary skill set to competently and confidently guide people through the process of healing after a traumatic birth. Carla guides you through ALL the tools of her trade, supporting you to become a certified Healing Birth practitioner.


Healing Birth Skills Course

Already a birth worker or a skilled healer in another field? Do you want to learn the art and science of holistic birth trauma support so that you can better serve your clients, but you don't feel the need to become a certified Healing Birth practitioner? This is the course for you! It's an in-depth self-paced programme.

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