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Healing Birth Skills Course

As an expert in her field, Carla has combined her midwifery and education knowledge, alongside her decade-long experience in traumatic birth healing, to put together this programme which will teach you the art and science of effective, holistic birth trauma support.

This is an entirely self-paced course, and is designed for people who want the 'know how' but who don't require, nor desire, to become a certified Healing Birth practitioner (read more on this in the FAQs section below). Really, this ought to be required learning for anyone who is in a birth worker role, or whose job involves support for new mothers (women's health/pelvic physiotherapists, social workers, postpartum nurses, osteopaths, chiropractors, counsellors, and any other medicine women).

The course includes...

  • Lifetime access to around 20 hours of lesson content which covers the following topics:

Trauma informed care & healing our own trauma

Space holding & the art of listening

Baby loss

Inclusive care & cultural considerations

Birthing physiology

Impacts of common interventions

Tools for healing & processing

Planning for a healing birth & postpartum

Rights & responsibilities, complaints & feedback

  • a gorgeous printable workbook with suggested tasks & resources

  • private community membership to discuss, collaborate, share ideas, ask questions and support one another


Investment is $997 NZD - a 5 month payment plan is available

If later you decide you want to gain certification...

Not a problem! If you feel really inspired by the Skills Course and want to do some more intensive training with Carla to become a certified Healing Birth practitioner, you'll get $800 off your Healing Birth Practitioner Training fee, or your Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship fee. This applies to scholarship recipients as well. Contact Carla to talk about this, and to receive your discount code.

Answering some FAQs

I'm still recovering from my own experience of birth trauma. Is this course appropriate for me?

A lot of people want to do this training because they have experienced birth trauma themselves and wish there had been better support available to them. They want to become that support for others. On the course you learn about the importance of healing your own birth trauma and working through your biases in order to be able to be fully present with others as they work through their trauma. Although you will learn self care strategies and tools for healing during the course, Carla highly recommends having an 'Unravelling Your Trauma' session with her, or another Healing Birth practitioner, before you commence doing this course. This is particularly important if you don't have excellent support systems in place already. 

I'm not sure whether to do this course or one of the certified Healing Birth practitioner courses. What is different about the certification courses?

Although a lot of the course content is the same, there are some important differences in the training approach and the degree of support and guidance you'll receive. Whether you do the Healing Birth Practitioner Training course or the Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship course (both courses are held concurrently, but the Mentorship one has extra lessons and extra support with practice client sessions, you'll experience and receive:

  • weekly interactive Zoom calls with Carla and your trainee cohort 

  • access to all of Carla's unique tools, practitioner resources & templates, Healing Birth work structure & processes

  • a recording of Carla holding an Unravelling Your Trauma session with a client

  • a copy of Carla's book, Where the Heart Is: Stories of home birth in New Zealand

  • a certificate of course completion

  • a digital 'Certified Healing Birth Practitioner' badge to use on your website, brochures & on social media

  • your name, credentials & contact details will be listed on the 'Our Team' directory on Carla's website

  • you'll be required to do homework tasks & hold a client session before certifying

Essentially, these courses are designed to enable you to work with birth trauma clients in the same ways as Carla does in her Healing Birth practice. If you're still not sure which course is the best fit for you, chat with Carla about it.

I've never done any training in any birth work or counselling fields. Is this course for me?

Although you don't have to have done any prior training in birth work or counselling in order to do this study programme, it would certainly be helpful. You might find some of the Birthing Physiology and Impacts of Common Interventions lessons a little difficult to wrap your head around. However, if you are committed to doing extra reading and podcast-listening, you'll likely find it manageable. If you decide to go on to train to become a certified Healing Birth practitioner, you will need to do the Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship course, where you receive extra training and support to ensure you're fully competent and confident by the time you finish the training.

What are my payment options?

Payment is via Stripe and is made upon registering for the course. The full investment is $997, though you are able to pay via a payment plan of 5 monthly $199.40 payments.


Ready to develop your birth trauma support skills set?

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