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“...She has helped me to see aspects of my birth in a different light and allowed me to remove a lot of my guilt, and also guided me through things I need to address for the upcoming birth and how to do so, making me feel empowered and able to focus on this pregnancy.”


“Carla is amazing! She listened to, and heard, not just what I said, but everything I didn’t say. She asked questions I never knew to ask. She empowered me to believe in myself, to listen to my instincts and trust that I can make the decisions that are right for me. Carla has the knowledge and experience that make her credible when she says, “You have a choice.” She had such a huge influence on my successful HBA2C.”


“We quickly bonded with Carla - after years of being misunderstood, unheard and made to feel ‘selfish’ for mourning the natural, normal birth journey I so wanted for myself and my baby, someone was truly hearing how I felt...I am thankful daily that we met Carla and were guided with genuine care, friendship and support to trust ourselves and the beauty of our upcoming birth.”


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