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Birth Support Workshop


This 3 hour in-person workshop is intended to guide your partner, or other birth support people, to confidently support you through your labour and birth process, equipped with the understandings and tools that are needed in such a role.

Carla will talk through birthing physiology and how best to support the flow of helpful hormones throughout each phase of the labour journey. Your birth support team need to develop a deep trust in your innate capacity to birth your baby without the need for standard medical interventions. With that trust comes the confidence to be the steady rock of support that you need them to be when you are stretched to your limits in birth.

As well as birth preparation, Carla will talk through some of the key elements of good postpartum support. Often there is such a focus on preparing for the birth, that the important conversations around postpartum planning are forgotten. The Birth Support Workshop will raise the important basics here.

Investment: $89/family

Typically these are held in Tauranga. There are no Birth Support Workshops currently booked, but please message Carla your interest in her holding one soon.

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