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Healing Birth Scholarships 

For each round of Healing Birth Practitioner Training there will be 3 scholarships made available... that's almost $9000 worth each year!

Each scholarship covers the full $997 cost of the Healing Birth Skills Course OR 70% of the cost of the Healing Birth Practitioner Training or Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship programmes.

How to Apply

Send an email to with SCHOLARSHIP as the subject line. Answer the following questions:

  • What's your name and phone number?

  • Which scholarship(s) from the 3 below are you applying for? (you can state more than one)

  • Which has been your favourite episode of the Healing Birth Podcast that you've listened to so far, and why?

  • Where has your interest in birth trauma support training come from?

  • Either create a short video (no more than 3 mins long) to attach to your email, or write in less than 250 words, why you would be an excellent choice for whichever scholarship(s) you are applying for.

Send your email! BOOM, you're in with the chance to do Carla's Healing Birth Skills Course for free or to get an amazing reduction on her certification trainings! 

Please note, scholarships for the May 2024 course are now being received


Carla will contact all applicants via email to let them know whether their application was successful or not. Re-applications are very welcome for future scholarship opportunities.

If you opt to do the Healing Birth Skills Course and you decide you would like to go on to train more intensively with Carla so that you can become a certified Healing Birth practitioner, you will receive an $800 discount on the Healing Birth Practitioner Training course or the Healing Birth Practitioner Mentorship course. 

Cultural Care

This will be awarded to an applicant who has a passion for and commitment towards working to support indigenous women, birth givers and their families, incorporating deeply respectful and culturally supportive practices into all aspects of any birth trauma healing work that they do. 

Personal Passion Scholarship

This will be awarded to an applicant who can demonstrate an avid passion around birth trauma support work, but whose financial position would not be able to support paying the full course fee. 

Community Commitment Scholarship

This will be awarded to an applicant who can demonstrate prior commitment to offering holistic birth or parenting related community support, and who intends to continue to develop strategies to serve birthing families outside of paid birth trauma support work. 

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